You are your home..

Your body,who you are, is the only house you will ever truly own, your greatest treasure.

Maybe it has some broken windows ,and there are  some tear- stains on the floor .

Maybe you lock some things you’re ashamed of, behind some doors , but hey, there’s wisdom on its bookshelves, and a laugh to light the rooms.

There’s a vase upon the table, where all the love you grew blooms day by day.

Dreams sit in the balcony, ready to fly .

The kindness and the empathy are in the usual place, but there’s no time  to  collect dust, because you use them so often.

So don’t look at mansions, with envy in your eyes .

There’s more to make a home, than its appearance or its size.

Your body is your shelter, so you deserve to love it all.

Don’t let the world stay round outside and tell you how to paint your walls. Don t let them redecorate or tell you what paintings you should put on.

Just feel lucky that you have a place to protect you from the night and the dark.

And if there’s cracks left from the past ,well ..then they just let in more light.


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